92 Yamaha TZ250 D

This is Yamaha's tenth body design for the TZ 250 and the second redesign for the V-Twin Series 250's. The hottest 250 racing in 1992 happened in the WERA Air Tech GP 250 Series with Kurt Hall winning the championship. Kurt was sponsored by Air Tech and used our two piece fairing assembly. This upper and lower piece split horizontal half way down the base gasket of the cylinders. The upper is slightly different than the 1991 model it has a filled in notch in the front of the fairing, softened the handcuffs and moved the air intakes to the very leading edge of the fairing. The lower fairing was similar in shape except the changed the size and positions of the air intake scoops. The seat assembly was different in that bolted right to the frame subsection and had different sculpting on the side. We also made a draft shield to fit under the seat in order to close the turbulent air off the tire, we also designed our first version of the Aero seat this pointed seat created quite a stir when it came out and several riders said they could not draft behind it. Collin Edwards won the AMA 250 championship using AirTECH bodywork and Kurt Hall, Chris Duluccio, Donny Green or Rich Oliver also used these pieces. So if you're looking to restore a TZ 250 or need a seat to put on a FZR these are the pieces you need.

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