FZR-R1 seat install guideline

I did the tail conversion. Here�s some insight to get you started in the right direction.

  1. The bungee cord tubes below the sub frame should go. They look horrid hanging down there. They will come off pretty quick even with a hacksaw (if you do not have access to a grinder). While you are at it you might as well remove the old passenger foot pegs and brackets, since your new tail doesn�t accommodate passengers anyway.� I removed them and replaced the exhaust side with a carbon fiber exhaust bracket and it looks really good.
  1. The coolant reservoir tank will have to be relocated. These bikes never get hot, you could remove it altogether and run the hose from the radiator behind the motor and down to the ground. If you�re bent on keeping it, I found it fits great on its side underneath the cowl of the new tail. Just zip-tie it to the frame and make sure to plug any large leaks in the tank (i.e. remove the overflow hose and plug the hole).
  1. Most of the electrics on the left side of the bike will have to get stuffed underneath the seat. Leave the regulator where it is. The regulator (little metal box mounted on the small alloy plate at the very aft end of your FZR) needs to be properly cooled or you will fry your electrical system. It can stay on the left side to ensure proper cooling, but you may wish to cut the mounting plate at a slight angle so it is flush with the down slope angle of the underside of the tail.
  1. The black plastic rear fender/turn signals are gone. Bye.
  1. To mount the license plate bracket you need to take the old taillight off of the bracket and mount the angled fiberglass piece between the taillight and the bracket. Next you will need to cut off any of the taillight bracket that sticks above the taillight. If you don�t the tail won�t drop down far enough to reach the mounts.
  1. Next you have to drill out the four large holes marked in the seat pan area of the fiberglass. The black rubber bumpers in your stock upholstery bottom will stick through these holes in the fiberglass and support your weight on the motorcycle frame. I broke out my trusty Dremel and made a cloud of dust. I would use a hole saw next time. Now to attach your upholstery onto the fiberglass, you slide the tab in the rear of your upholstery under the cowl area and push the assembly together until the rubber bumpers stick through the glass. It kind of snaps together and stays all in one piece.
  1. To mount the tail, you must first drill the two dimpled holes in the little flaps at the bottom of the fiberglass tail section. The mounting screw goes through these holes in the fiberglass and into the stock taillight mounting bracket. Now with your upholstery attached to the tail, take the assembly and start to install it onto your chassis. Slide the tab in the front of your upholstery under the tank cover and start wiggling the assembly over your chassis. The object is to get the mounting tab in the rear of your upholstery to slide over the mounting stud on the frame. It requires some pressure to fit in there, but that is necessary to ensure that all remains in place. Once you slide the tail onto the bike you�ll see exactly how it bolts on to the rear light bracket. You�re home free.

I installed my tail in about 2 hours. Less time than it took to finish a sixpack. I get all sorts of double takes/compliments, and it really dressed up the bike a lot. Besides, doubling chicks sucks. Can�t turn, can�t accelerate, can�t impress other chicks;)

Oh, and the finish that came on the tail took fresh enamel extremely well with minimal sanding. I�m happy!


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