86-87 Yamaha SRX 250

To our knowledge we're the only people in the country making anything at all for Yamaha's little street thumper. We offer a stock replacement upper fairing for the 250 single.

Another option is installing a 1986 TZ 250 NTS fairing this fairing is almost a bolt on application using the stock SRX front fairing brackets and modifying the rear fairing brackets back towards your knees. As you can see in the picture this makes a neat little 250 canyon carver. If you're interesting in replacing your stock upper or want something different for your 250 we have what you need.

Looking for some updated Yamaha FZR 600 bodywork or YZF 1000 R1 or 600 R6 fairings? How about TZ 250 race fairings? Or an RD 350 0r 400 cafe seat? Take a look at our extensive collection. Airtech carries a full selection of street and track fairings for most bikes!

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