Need a tank for your cafe racer, vintage race replica or AHRMA racer? Check out our huge selection of vintage tanks.

Figuring out which tank will fit isn't always easy, but we'll help you out! Read our guidelines below, print out the measuring diagram and get to work!


1. The tank has to physically fit over the the frame. The tunnel has to sit down over the backbone allowing the tank to sit down in the correct position. To figure out if it will, please measure your frame as shown in this diagram, then look at our listed measurements and as always, feel free to give us a call.

2. The forks have to clear the tank. Some tanks are wide at the front and especially on forks with little trail they may end up binding. This may mean the steering stops have to be modified.

2. The handlebars (clubmans, clip-ons) have to clear the tank. This may mean the steering stops have to be modified.

3. The tank has to be mounted securely. You may have to remove stock tank stops and add mounting tabs. Coils may have to be moved or relocated.

4. Most race tanks will be longer than the stock tank, so you might not be able to use the stock seat. We can provide you with a matching race or cafe seat.

5. Placement of the fuel bung(s) has to be carefully considered. The tanks will be outfitted with one or more 1/4" or 3/8" NPT brass bungs that we can place in different locations. We can provide you with matching race proven Pingel fuel valves.

6. Our vintage tanks come standard with a classy polished stainless twist-on fuel cap. We can upgrade your tank with a beautiful polished aluminum Monza style flip-up cap at your desire.

7. We highly recommend our epoxy coating to protect your tank from ethanol and other fuel additives.



Please note these very important items!

These gas tanks are not recommended for street use, they are fiberglass gas tanks that will not dent.  In the event of a crash, the gas tank may rupture and spill fuel possibly catching your motorcycle on fire. This gas tank is recommended for racing purposes! If you will be using pump gas (or race fuel with ethanol) in your tank you will need to coat it with an aftermarket sealer or even better, have us epoxy coat it for you! Read more...


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