Unless you own the exact bike that the seat was designed for, you are entering a custom project (but you already knew that, right?). This means some fabrication will be required, sometimes on the chassis, sometimes on the seat, sometimes on both! The right way to start any decent project is taking the correct measurements, so here's some hints. We've thrown in some general mounting tips as well.

Click here for general seat mounting guidelines.

1. The first thing you will want to decide on is what kind of gas tank you will be using, stock or race? Most race / cafe tanks are longer than stock and would take a shorter seat to match the tank. A stock length tank would use a longer seatpan to look correct.

2. What style seat are you looking for? Round or square? Will it match the shape of the tank?

3. Measure frame rails outside to outside. You will want to measure, at the minimum, the width at the front, the widest point, the lenght of the seat pan and the overall length. You will also want to take a look at the taper of the frame rails. It doesn't hurt to take as many measurements as you can.

4. The widest point on your frame might not correspond with the widest point on the seat. Measure how far back from the front it is located.

5. Some frames are flat in the seat pan area but kick up in the rear. Measure carefully how much, and where the frame kicks up. The fiberglass seat needs to sit squarely on a metal support for maximum strength. You may have to fabricate a support bracket.

6. If you are running a rear fender, it may stick up above the frame. Some seats have a bulge towards the rear of the seat to clear the fender or the fender may be located underneath the bubble. The fender may have to be repositioned.

7. You may have to clean up the frame in the seat area and grind off seat latches, tabs or the like.

8. If you are putting the seat on a vintage, small bore bike putting the seat squarely onto the frame rails may cause a (very) uncomfortable riding position. You may need to build a subsection for your seat.

Click here for general seat mounting guidelines.



Please note these very important items!

  • We sell an unfinished unpainted product, it is your responsibility to sand, finish, and paint the parts you buy from us.
  • The parts we sell are un-drilled; it is your responsibility to drill all of the mounting holes and fit the parts onto your chassis.
  • All of our parts may or may not include the internal mounting tabs. Please consult with our sales representative if you have any questions about mounting things like headlights and dashes.
  • It is the purchasers’ responsibility to mount all of the products they purchase onto their machine. If you need assistance mounting these products call our sales reps for advise.

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