If you are building a vintage race replica or need a fender for your cafe project, we have TONS of 'em.

To make things a bit more manageable we'll split them up into dirt and street fenders.

So all you Ossa, Bultaco, Maico, CZ fans and other dirt heads go one way, all you guys with old brit iron, american, italian and japanese bikes in the other corner. Hey! No fighting! There's enough for everyone!


You are entering a custom project (but you already knew that, right?). This means some cutting and trimming may be required. The right way to start any decent project is taking the correct measurements, so here's some hints.

1. What rim size do you have? Common vintage (street) diameters are 18" and 19". This determines the radius of the fender. Some 19" fenders will fit an 18" wheel quite nicely, the other way around doesn't usually work. Rim size will be indicated on the side of the tire.
All dirt fenders and most frame mounted rear fenders have so much tire clearance that rim size doesn't matter, so it will not be listed.

2. What width fender do you need? It needs to clear the tire and fit between the forks. The mounting tabs (where applicable) on most fenders have some give so they can be bent in or out slightly if necessary. The width measurement on our website indicates the width at the mounting points.

3. How much coverage do you want? We've started to list length along the fender so you can put a tape measure on your tire and compare. Remember our parts are fiberglass so easily trimmed if you want a shorter look.



Please note these very important items!

  • We sell an unfinished unpainted product, it is your responsibility to sand, finish, and paint the parts you buy from us.
  • The parts we sell are un-drilled; it is your responsibility to drill all of the mounting holes and fit the parts onto your chassis.
  • All of our parts may or may not include the internal mounting tabs. Please consult with our sales representative if you have any questions about mounting things like headlights and dashes.
  • It is the purchasers’ responsibility to mount all of the products they purchase onto their machine. If you need assistance mounting these products call our sales reps for advise.

To order call 760-598-3366 NOW!

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