Unless you own the exact bike that the fairing was designed for, you are entering a custom project (but you already knew that, right?). This means some cutting, trimming and fabrication will be required. You will need to buy or fabricate fairing stays. The right way to start any decent project is asking yourself the right questions and taking some measurements, so here's some hints. We've thrown in some general mounting tips as well.

Unless noted otherwise, our fairings do NOT come with a windscreen or brackets. You can obtain your vintage windscreen from windscreen specialist Gustafsson.

1. The first thing you will want to decide on is what style fairing you want. Quarter, half or full fairing?
Quarter fairings are typically handlebar or fork-mounted. Half and full fairings will mount onto the chassis.

2. If you are going with a street fairing, what size headlight do you have? The measurement listed on our site refers to the bulb face size measured across the face of the glass lens. So a 7" headlight refers to 7" bulb size, the metal bucket will usually measure 8-8.25". 7" is the industry standard, but there are some exceptions, notably the 8" headlights (with 9" buckets) on a BMW R90S, Suzuki GS1100E or Yamaha Secca. Some fairings will have a frenched in 7" lip designed to butt up against a 7" bulb, others are designed to fit a whole headlight assembly including trim.

3 . What handlebars will you be using? Depending the cutouts on the fairing and the height of the stearing head you may need to run clip-ons or clubman handlebars. This is especially important if you are fitting a half or full fairing. We highly recommend clipons for this application for adjustability.

4. How wide is your engine? Will the fairing clear the cases and the exhaust? On full fairings, we will state whether the bottom of the fairing is open or closed. A fairing that is open at the bottom can be spread open or tucked in up to a certain point so it will be a little more flexible in application.

5. You will have to fabricate some brackets to mount our fairings onto your bike. To give you an idea of what this takes, here are some general mounting guidelines. The main fairing stay is typically attached to the steering head. What does the steering head area look like on your bike? How wide is it, and can you fit a U-bolt around it? If so you might be able to bolt on this universal bracket kit. If you can't fit the U-bolt, you could weld the bracket onto your steering head.

7. If you are getting a full fairing, you will usually want to have rear sets installed as well.




Please note these very important items!

  • We sell an unfinished unpainted product, it is your responsibility to sand, finish, and paint the parts you buy from us.
  • The parts we sell are un-drilled; it is your responsibility to drill all of the mounting holes and fit the parts onto your chassis.
  • All of our parts may or may not include the internal mounting tabs. Please consult with our sales representative if you have any questions about mounting things like headlights and dashes.
  • It is the purchasers’ responsibility to mount all of the products they purchase onto their machine. If you need assistance mounting these products call our sales reps for advise.

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