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This section will be used to post videos about Airtech products, racing, projects and events. We'll also be adding how-to videos on custom fiberglass work, parts selection and installation to help you with your custom bike projects.

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Since 1983
A look inside the Airtech headquarters.

Bodywork Choices
Kent talks about parts selection and our 6000+ mold inventory.

CB750 Dirt Tracker
Kent talks about the parts you need to build a CB750 dirt tracker replica.

How to: Seat pan installation
Dutch explains how to install a seatpan to a cafe seat to get it ready for upholstery.

Vesco Turbinator II
Turbinator II: Return of the Turbinator. We help Team Vesco extend the body of their famous turbine driven land speed car in an effort to create the first wheel driven car to break 500mph on the Bonneville salt flats!

More on this project coming soon...

Building a vintage race bike
Racer & moto journalist Ari Henning gives us a quick run down of parts you need to build a vintage racer out of a CB350.

Recent Awards
In this video Airtech owner Kent Riches tells us about some cool Land Speed trophies we've won over the years.

How to: Step flanges
Kent explains how to create step flanges in a part that does not have them.




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