90 Yoshimura Suzuki Superbike

This pic shows Airtech's founder and owner Kent Riches standing next to future world champion Doug Polen. You see Doug holding on to his Airtech sponsered Yosh prepped superbike.

Notice the Air intake ducts up by the windscreen! We make those.

And see that aluminum ducting under the brake lever, that is an oil cooler duct fed by the enlarged ducts in the lower front of the fairing. These oil cooled GSXR'S ran way too hot and needed all the cooling it could get. The ducts worked so well it fried Doug's hands! But that did not stop him from winning his last AMA SuperBike Race that weekend at Road Atlanta.

Looking for some Suzuki GSXR bodywork or a Hayabusa fairing? Take a look at our extensive collection. Airtech carries a full selection of street and track fairings for most bikes!

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