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Welcome to the time machine!! Besides stickers, we haven't really made any new Airtech goodies since the nineties (eighties?) and we thought it's about damn time. We just got these bitchin' retro patches done with the original Airtech logo from 1983 - expertly modeled above - and more will surely follow!!

Airtech retro patch

Just in!! These bitchin patches will look just right on your leathers, jacket or trucker hat or whatever the hell the kids are wearing these days... Top quality patch!

Original 1983 Air-Tech logo, yellow thread on black backing, merrowed borders.

Size: 4"x1-3/8"

Price: $5 - In stock now

While digging through our old catalog stuff we found more "period correct" pictures of Airtech parts, models and some interesting merchandise we used to make no longer do, like watches and wall clocks.

Take a trip down memory lane, enjoy the pics and don't forget to add a retro patch to your order!

Back in the day...

Below items are shown for posterity's sake only and are no longer available. Feast your eyes!

T-Shirts and Hats
You’ll be styling walking around the pits wearing one of our heavy weight tees and hats. 5 color Air-Tech logo is screened on the back and front pocket area of the shirt and front of the hat.

3 styles of hats are available . An embroidered soul-bro beret style, low profile ball cap, and a 5 color screened logo on a twill cap, call for yours today.

Price: NLA

Carbon fiber and Air-Tech logo cover the faces of these quartz wristwatches. 3 styles are available, an uni-sex style with black metal case or men’s and ladies (smaller) style with gold electroplated case. All watches have a genuine black leather band, stainless steel back and silver oxide battery.

Price: NLA

Wall Clock
Never miss a race again with this carbon fiber replica Air-Tech logo faced wall clock. Battery operated... never needs winding, kick starting or cranking.
Excellent race shop wall clock for those late night tall tales of riding your Yamakawahon GSX1495 at close to warp speed on the banking of Willow Springs. Call today !

Price: NLA

To order call 760-598-3366 NOW!

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