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As of 2015, the maximum box size we can ship to Australia via post has been raised to 97"
combined girth + length. This means the maximum box size is for instance a 16x16x32" (64+32=96"), 14x14x40" (56+40=96") or 20x20x16" (80+16=96") box, about the size of some sportbike seats and upper fairings.

Parts that exceed postal service size limits, will ship with Fedex Air or if severely oversize via air freight.

Large parts (over postal service limits) and most standard size complete fairing kits will ship with Fedex Air.

Fedex shipping cost - depending on size/weight anywhere from $185-$500 ex tax/duties.

Please call or email us for a specific quote (see below).

Oversize parts (think land speed kits, dustbin fairings, dragbike bodies etc) ship air freight.
Shipping cost excludes tax/duties. Depending on your location delivery is either door-to-door or delivered to your nearest large airport (remote areas). Please contact us for a quote.

Destination fees / airport fees / broker fees (air freight) (for Air freight)
These are local handling fees charged by the airport and the local freight handler. These fees vary per destination.
If you do not have a customs broker, the local freight handler can provide this service at a cost.

Customs duties and taxes
These are charged to you by your government and customs agency. If you wish to find out what cost will be involved please contact your local customs office. We do not have this information.

Customs value
Please do not ask us to mark your shipments as gifts or samples, or to tamper with invoiced amounts. This is illegal and we will not do it. No exceptions.

Payment is required at the time of placing the order. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer (large orders) or via Paypal.

To place an order
Orders can be placed by email/fax/phone. We need the following information:
- Name
- Street address
- City
- Postal code
- Country
- Phone number
- Part numbers
- Payment (credit card, bank transfer or paypal).
Credit card details can be submitted any way you want but phone or fax are more secure than email. When paying by Paypal, please provide your Paypal address so we can send you a Paypal invoice.

Shipping quotes
To obtain a quote, please email us the following information:
- city
- postal code
- country
- part numbers.




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