AirTech Motorcycle Fairings, Fenders, and Bodywork

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Owner: Bob Boruta - Kent City, MI

Bike: 89 Polaris 750

Bodywork: '95 Suzuki GSXR750 dragbike

The midwests quickest and fastest snowmobile-powered drag bike at 9.472 @ 138.07 MPH. Check out our website. Thanks for the great bodywork!

Bob Boruta



Owner: Crouse Engineering - Elliston, VA

Bike: '08 Hayabusa

Bodywork: +8 Race tail - '08 Suzuki Hayabusa

Comment: The swingarm is a +10 TracDynamics.

Owner: Scott Godwin - Mobile, AL

Bike: Honda NC30

Bodywork: Honda NC30 / VFR400 '90-'93

Comment: The bike was purchased in 2005 and went through an extensive rebuild taking 2 years. Every bolt and nut besides engine fixtures were run though a tumbler before they were installed back onto the bike. Various parts were sourced off of U.S. made bikes, dirt bike front sprockets, GSXR rear shock, RC30 fairing fasteners and Dzus. This was my first time ever trying to paint anything and your slick already faired product made it that much easier. Race Tech reworked the front legs with gold valves. A CBR600rr front end conversion is in the near future with Olins rework along with magnesium or carbon wheels. This was my first road bike, the last time I road was before joining the Air Force in 1989. Never knowing anything at all about how to rebuild a motorcycle. GREAT REHAB!

Thanks again for producing such a fantastic fairing.
I had to do little to ZERO fitting, it bolted up like a
OEM part.

Scott Godwin

Owner: Jose Cano - Madrid, Spain

Bike: Triumph Daytona T595

Bodywork: Triumph Daytona '97-'01

Comment: Happy New Year! The bike is finished, the quality of the fiberglass is very good and it fit perfectly. Ready for the track!

Best regards

Owner: Luc van Gemert - Netherlands

Bike: CB750K SOHC

Bodywork: Read Titan Fuel Tank (RTT2) and Laverda seat.

Comment: Quite a few mods...
HD oil bag, electrics & battery in tail section, modified CB650 exhaust, rearsets, clip ons, dual discs and more.



Owner: Chris Gorel - Boyerstown, PA

Bike: '06 Ducati Sport Classic 1000

Bodywork: Ducati Sport Classic race seat and fairing
Fairing modified by customer with Yoshimura GSXR750 Windscreen Air ducts

Comment: Thanks again for all of the hard work AirTech!!!!

Chris Gorel
ThunderDuc Racing



Owner: Allen Peat - Punta Gorda, FL

Bike: Ducati Single

Bodywork: Royal Enfield tank, Ducati 900 SS seat

Finished installing your Royal Enfield gas tank on my new Ducati single. Very nice fit with good steering lock ,etc. Seat worked out to be a nice
match ,also your rear fender protector. Appreciate your great products!

Grazie Mille... Allen

Owner: Wolbrink Race Team

Bike: Kawasaki KX500

Bodywork: AROFS Land speed fender

Here is a link to the BUB results page. Bike #3500 beat the F2 Racing guys this year so I guess the pictures are of the World's fastest dirt bike!

Our best one way speed was 132.44 mph on a KX500 motor with the stock carb and chamber/pipe! Not sure what we did that was a help and what slowed us down, but lets hear it for aerodynamics anyways!

If you are interested (in the shameless plug)....Kevin Kilkenny was the rider of the Cardboard Robot / Spectro Oil KX500 that the Wolbrink Race team ran at the 2008 BUB AMA National Motorcycle Speed Trials.

Thanks again for all your help with information and support this year!

Mark Wolbrink

Owner: Jessica Maine

Bike: Honda CBR600 F4i

Bodywork: Honda CBR600 F4i

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to show you the new plastics and paint I did... Thanks again!

Jessica Maine

Owner: "Fireman Bill" Ross

Bike: Guzzi Lemans IV Custom build

Bodywork: Charley Toy fairing and tail section, MV Agusta 175 fueltank, landspeed fender.

Team Subtle Crowbar has returned with 2 LSR records after a great week at the 2008 USFRA World of Speed. We ended up running in a APS-1000-PG , the record in that class was 161.050 , we met our Bonneville goals with a qualifying run of 171.246 averaged over the mile and backed it up the next morning with a average 170.467 run for a total average of 170.856 mph. Our first Bonneville record, and almost 10 mile an hour faster than the previous record set in 2000!

Friday morning after the back up 170+ run, we reclassified the bike to an altered unfaired class ( APG ) and ran without the front fairing on a 147.195 record. We took a second record, with a two run average of 150.908 mph.

It was obvious to our team and others, that the Airtech Charlie Toy bodywork had a huge impact on our ability to be the only 1000cc pushrod naturally aspirated gasoline powered bike to break 170 mph in the record books. Thanks for being a major sponsor Airtech! You really helped us reach our goals ,

Enjoying the ride,

TSC Fireman Bill Ross

Check out our website at

Owner: Allen Peat - Punta Gorda, FL

Bike: 1968 Ducati 250cc wide case single

Bodywork: Ducati single Imola replica tank

Comment: Hi guys, they liked your gas tank in Monterey, the bike
was used for a model shoot (C magazine)! Finished
the MotoGiro with no spills!

Grazie Mille... Allen

Owner: Rui Martins - Denmark

Bike: RZ350

Bodywork: YZR350 conversion kit

Comment: Finally I found the fairing that my 75 RWBHP RZ350 deserves.
This fairing blends perfectly with the RZ350 soul, enhancing it´s legendary status. Sign me up for another one in a couple of years when my RZ stroker 498cc is finished.


Owner: Bennetts performance

Bike: Custom build

Bodywork: Charley Toy fairing

Comment: We changed the body work on the S&S bike we built for the S&S 50th anniversary (see below) then took it to the BUB speed trials. The bike had head shake issues around 120 mph. We found some frame and rake issues. We are going back in October!
Bob Bennett


Owner: Todd Hooker

Bike: '97 Honda CBR600 F3

Bodywork: Crea kit

Comment: Benz paint, chrome wheels, Two Brothers exhaust. Bike gets looks everywhere!

Owner: "Fireman Bill" Ross

Bike: Guzzi Lemans IV Custom build

Bodywork: Charley Toy fairing and tail section, MV Agusta 175 fueltank.

Comment: #5154 is the Mandello Meteor , a Moto Guzzi pushrod twin powered Land Speed Racer based on a 1987 Lemans IV . The bike has a modified motor, stroked to 973cc with headwork by Phil. The very slippery Airtech `Charlie Toy` bodywork allows the bike to create much less drag and was instrumental in helping us set a record at El Mirage at 161.048 mph on our second outing. Our ultimate goal is to push the wind on the Bonneville Salt Flats in excess of 170 mph on gasoline. We are extremely fortunate to have the support and assistance of Kent Riches and the other great guys at Airtech. We also want to thank the Moto Guzzi community and all others who have helped make our attempt possible. Check out our website at
Enjoy the ride,

Bill Ross Builder/Piloto

Owner: Bennetts performance

Bike: Custom build

Bodywork: Canam 125 fairing and Hayabusa land speed seat

Comment: We took first place at the S&S 50th anniversary Bike show in the twin cam engine class. Thank you for some great body work. I am looking forward to the new body work to run at Bonneville. See you there!
Bob Bennett

Owner: Ian Rycroft - Isle of Man

Bike: Kawasaki A1R 250

Bodywork: Kawasaki A1R fuel tank

Comment: This bike is to be raced in the '08 lightweight Classic Manx Grand Prix.

Owner: Allen Peat - Punta Gorda, FL

Bike: 1968 Ducati 250cc wide case single, Cafe Roadster!

Bodywork: Ducati single Imola replica tank

Comment: Thanks again for the nice tank it gets lots of comments! My painter said that is top notch fiberglass work. His paint job is also top notch. I put the bike together from a bare frame. My goal was to finish and run it in the inaugural MotoGiro America in California this July!

Owner: Steve Bucaro - Palmdale CA

Bike: 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R

Bodywork: Kawasaki ZX7R

Comment: In '98 I was involved in an accident on the same year and model, which left me paralyzed from the chest down. Its been my passion to finally get back on and ride. It's just taken me 10 years to do so.
My bike has a 6" linear actuator welded to the "landing gear" which is oporated by a button by my right thumb. Shifting is by an electric shifter controlled by my left thumb. Eddy McCoy @ Eye Candy Cycles has helped with the tear down and build up of it. I've had alot of help from sponsors on this project. Without them, it would'nt have gotten done!

Owner: Josh Serne - Placerville, CA

Bike: Honda NSR50

Bodywork: Honda NSF100




Owner: Joel Spalding -Huntley, IL

Bike: Buell XB12R

Bodywork: Buell XB12R

Comment: Our first weekend of racing in the CCS Midwest Region Championship round was a success. We received 8 first place finishes, 1 second and a 5th in ASRA Pro Thunderbike. Needless to say we were very happy since the weekend almost did not happen.I would like to thank Airtech and Lonnie's garage for all the compliments we received for the bike looking so good!

Joel Spalding
CCS #36
ASRA #336

Sponsors: Buell, Michelin, Hal's Harley Davidson, Airtech, Powerstands, Amsoil, Lonnie's Autobody


Owner: Crouse Engineering - Elliston, VA

Bike: '08 Hayabusa

Bodywork: +6 Street tail - '08 Suzuki Hayabusa

Comment: Hey guys, here's a few pics, very happy with it... I hope the 8 over is just as nice.... I painted the bike the 2003 Hayabusa limited edition burnt copper. The swingarm is a +10 TracDynamics. Thanks again!

Owner: Massimo Mugnai, Italy

Bike: Triumph Legend special construction

Bodywork: Triumph Thruxton

Comment: My bike is finished (maybe.. :) )... it is based on a Triumph Legend. If you look it up on the internet in the original version, you'll be surprised! It's was a cruiser/custom bike, now it is a cafe racer!
Many things are "hand made", some with professional help.

Owner: Don Henry, PA

Bike: Yamaha TZ250J

Bodywork: Yamaha TZ250 HJK

Comment: Hope you enjoy...
Best regards,

Owner: Redline Motorsports - Belding, MI

Bike: Kawasaki H2 Triple

Bodywork: ZX7R '91-'92 small tire

Comment: This bike has held the 2-Stroke World Record since 1998. The best pass is 7.77 @ 170.08 MPH. We have some videos of our record runs at if you want to watch. We are still the only people in the world to put a Kawasaki H2 into the seven second zone. We used Airtech dragbike bodywork because it is the best. Thanks, Kent

Larry Smith

Owner: Paul Balez, Lumsden, SK, Canada

Bike: 1979 Suzuki GS1000

Bodywork: Wes Cooley fairing and vintage chin scoop

Comment: Hi, here is a picture of my 79 suzuki GS1000. Work in progress. Fairing and chin scoop courtesy of Airtech. More mods to come.

Owner: Joe Daly

Bike: Buell land speed

Bodywork: Suzuki Hayabusa +8 tail

Comment: The bike is a chrome moly steel fabricated frame by ARC Fabrication. Running gear is from XB9 Lightning Buell. Engine was done by NRHS Performance. I currently hold ECTA Land Speed record and AMA Land Speed record for Special Construction Partial Streamline 1000cc push rod motorcycle. Top speed is 149.409mph.
Seat is Airtech GSX134S8 Suzuki GSX 1300 Hayabusa Race tail +8 over length drag seat, modified to clear ARC pipe.
Joe Daly

Owner: John Alexander, Marina del Rey, CA

Bike: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

Bodywork: Yamaha FZR600

Comment: Here is my 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with Airtech body work, taken at Willow Springs Raceway.

Owner: Derek Costain, PEI, Canada

Bike: Honda CB350 and CB450

Bodywork: Ducati singles and Yamaha TD1

Comment: Greetings from Prince Edward Island,Canada and my pair of vintage racing Hondas; a CB350 with an Airtech Ducati fairing and CB450 with an Airtech TD1 fairing. Both bikes are currently winning races! Thanks Airtech for all help and product.

Owner: Neil Homan, Portland, OR

Bike: 1988 Yamaha FZ600

Bodywork: FZ600

Thanks Air-Tech, here are a couple of pictures of my '88 FZ600 that you made mid & lower fairings for. They mate up great and
bolted right on. The project came out great!


Owner: Evan Thunell, Maple Grove, MN

Bike: 1993 Honda CBR600 F2

Bodywork: Crea kit

Comment: This is my Crea kit wrapped around my '93 F2. I had the bodykit custom airbrushed by Wicked Designs in MN. Along with a few other mods, this bike is a real head turner. Thanks AIRTECH!


Owner: Jay Kelly, Detroit, MI

Bike: 1998 GSXR 750

Bodywork: Hornet kit

Hello, my name is Jay Kelly. I live in Detroit, MI.Here is a pic of my 1998 GSX-R 750 with the Hornet body kit that purchased from you guys. I love it.

Thank you,
Jay Kelly

Owner: Yoji Tsunoda, Japan

Bike: Honda CB500

Bodywork: Honda CR450 fairing

Comment: Hello Air Tech.

The HONDA RC replica was completed. The base is CB500. The cowl is for CR450. Complete a very wonderful motorcycle thanks to your wonderful products, and thank you.

Yoji Tsunoda
Message from JAPAN

Owner: Luther Rochester

Bike: 1968 Wards Riverside 350

Bodywork: Dunstall quarter fairing

Comment: Here's the Dunstall quarter fairing on my '68 Wards Riverside 350 by Benelli. Thanks!


Owner: Brad Bosch, Salol, MN

Bike: 1974 Yamaha RD250

Bodywork: Camber Daytona full fairing

Comment: I purchased a Camber Daytona faring from you this spring and am very satisfied with the way the bike turned out. I am a development tech for a leading snowmobile and ATV company. This project has given me many hours of enjoyment. I am very familiar with two stroke engines and there tuning aspects, I have done mild porting; designed, built and fit my own pipes; improved the combustion chambers for power and stability and made my own two-petal two-stage carbon fiber reeds. The fuel tank is from a 1977 XS400, the seat base-tail piece is hand made from a cardboard pattern that I built and the the paint job was done in my garage with NAPA crossfire acrylic enamel (Screaming Yellow, a Ford color). Man what a tinker toy!


Owner: Loyd Carter, Deer Park, TX

Bike: 1995 Suzuki GSXR 750

Bodywork: '01 style tail for GSXR

Comment: -

Owner: J&S Racing

Bike: 1990 Kawasaki EX250

Bodywork: EX250

Comment: Thought ya might like to see how it looks with your kit. This is a 1990 Ninja 250 (ZX2R). It has a 10" swingarm stretch, airshifter, ZX636 rear shock, and stage III jet kit. So far it has taken second place three times this season. Runs low 9:00's in the 1/8 mi.
BTW, your body kit fit almost perfectly with very little tweaking! many thanks for a great product!

J&S Racing

Owner: Hannah Camp

Bike: 1994 Honda CBR600 F2

Bodywork: Crea kit

Comment: Here's my new Crea! Beautiful, the pics don't do it justice. I got it last year and didnt like the stock black, white and
red, I wanted a "girlie" bike so I made it my own. Full Yoshi pipe, stage 2
jet kit, Corbin seat, and a K&N.

Owner: Bob Bronsdon, Simi Valley, CA

Bike: '82 Yamaha XJ650

Bodywork: Rogue fairing and JPS Norton seat

Comment: You don't seem many 1982 Yamaha XJ650's in black. Airtech Rogue front fairing and a John Player Special seat. The tank is full custom welded up from a cardboard mockup.


Owner: Matt Taylor, Snohomish, WA
2006 OMRRA Small bore classic superbike champion

Bike: 1984 Yamaha RZ 350

Bodywork: YZR500 GP replica for RZ350

Comment: Very durable bodywork, withstands minor falls very well. Gets lots of looks and comments.

Owner: Jarrell Nelson

Bike: '99 Suzuki SV650

Bodywork: ATX kit


Owner: Paul Peterson, Kirkland, WA

Bike: 2002 Triumph Speed Triple

Bodywork: '77-'80 Ducati 900SS

Comment: Thought you would like to see what I did with the Ducati SuperSport fairing I got from you guys. The assembly on my 2002 Triumph Speed Triple incorporates a Gustafsson windscreen and a Yamaha FZR600 headlight assembly. I also have to give credit to The Motorsports Restoration Center of Mukilteo, WA for finishing the project when I couldn't find the time. The design fits the bike so well that most people don't realize that it is not stock.

Owner: Erik de Mello / , Chula Vista, CA

Bike: '79 Honda CB400

Bodywork: '77-'80 Ducati 900SS

Comment: Hi, this bike started out as a 1979 CB400. I looked it over and realized that the bike was deliberately replicated after the Desmo Ducati's of the late '70's...
So, I took it to the next level and used the Ducati 900SS 1/4 fairing and the bullet seat from the SS as well. I applied reflective blue graphics "400SS" :). This project turned out really cool. Thanks to Gordon Moat and Mike Fry for all your hard work and to Airtech for having the cool fairing's available.

Owner: Erik de Mello / , Chula Vista, CA

Bike: '85 Suzuki GS550ES

Bodywork: Honda RC30

Comment: This bike started out as a Suzuki GS550ES, really! :). The
front fairing is the RC30 with carbonfiber light application and ordered in red and purple gel coatings, saved in painting costs (Note: colored gel coats no longer offered - Ed.) . The rear seat section is from the '88 RS250 honda in purple gel coat with carbon fiber number plate, excellent. Front end is from a '89 GSXR 750 and rear wheel is from a GS550.

Owner: Chris Macpherson / , Toronto, Canada

Bike: '90 GSXR 750

Bodywork: RGV Replica conversion kit

Comment: Here are some photos of my 1990 GSXR750. The bike is wearing a set of Airtech RGV Replica fairings. I did the paintwork myself and designed the decals on my computer. I love this bodywork, it really
gives my bike a much more modern appearance!

Owner: Jim

Bike: Honda CB750

Bodywork: Dunstall fairing

Comment: I've owned this bike over 25 yrs... Just did a total resto and added your Dunstall body work. It's a 836 with extended swingarm, all vintage parts.... RC 4 into 1 header and aluminum race wheels powder coated. Paint is MIPA color changing pearls..

Owner: Bill Dube, Denver, CO

Bike:KillaCycle, the world's fastest electric dragbike.

Bodywork: GSXR 750 Prostock

Comment: KillaCycle is the fastest and quickest electric-powered vehicle of any type in the 1/4 mile, at least for the time being. Here is a video that you MUST watch. We blow up a motor on the finish line.... at night...... while setting the World record! click here for the video

More Killacycle on

Owner: Sin Custom Motorsports, Las Vegas, NV

Bike: '01 GSXR 750 with 1000 motor

Bodywork: Crea kit for Honda CBR600 F2/F3 (modified by customer)

Comment: I am currently working on the GSXR750 Crea, pix will follow.

Owner and artist: Suzanne Shifflett, San Francisco, CA

Bike: 1989 Honda CBR600 F1

Bodywork: Honda CBR600 F1

Comment: I used your tail section. I put my finished bike in the tattoo shop I work at. Web link:


Owner: Bob Thompson, Riverdal, UT

Bike: Buell M2 Cyclone

Bodywork: Suzuki RF900 (modified by customer)

Comment: Here is a picture of my Buell M2 Cyclone with your Suzuki RF900 fairing adapted. This is a daily rider and gets many "What is it?" comments. Thanks much for a one of a kind bike.
Bob Thompson

Owner: Brian Odom, CA

Bike: 2002 Triumph Bonneville T100

Bodywork: Dunstall quarter fairing

Comment: Here's a pic of my 2002 Triumph Bonneville with your Dunstall quarter fairing.


Owner: Rick Pazmino,
Berwyn Heights, MD.

Bike: 1989 Kawasaki ZX10

Bodywork: 1999 Kawasaki ZX9R

Comment: This is my 1989 Kawasaki ZX10 "Venom" with your 99 ZX9R mid and upper race fairing, split lower belly pan, complete 99 ZX9R sub frame and stock tail body. Pete Frechette of has done all the airbrush work and the bored out, completely rebuilt 1000 engine should produce about 160 hp after break in. Headlights are mounted within the air induction ports.


Rick Pazmino

Owner: Weston Orloff

Bike: 1967 CR450 replica

Bodywork: Harley KR750 TT

Comment: This is the 1967 Honda CR450 replica I race in GP500 premiere class in AHRMA. The beautiful bike is owned and built by Dale Coffman of Eldon, Iowa and is absolutely immaculately prepared. The thing is fast as well, we have been top finishing Honda in the class for the last several years, with several podiums/wins to Dale's credit.

The fairing is actually a Harley KR750 short circuit part, along with a matching KR750 TT tail section, all painted in Honda colors. We are competing against overseas $30,000 Norton Manx replica's and me being a bigger guy we can use all the aerodynamic advantage we can get, especially at Daytona!

Thanks Airtech!

Weston F. Orloff

Photo: Mitch Boehm

Owner:Brontos Vintage Group

Bike: Yamaha TZ250, TZ750

Bodywork: Yamaha TZ250 K / L, Yamaha TZ750

Comment: AirTech Staff, Thank you for all your support this year for our projects. Enclosed is our yearly review for the 2006 Vintage Season. Russ and the entire team look forward to working with you in 2007. Again, thank you for all your support throughout my career and our team.

Leon Hor
Team Manager
Brontos Vintage Group

Owner:Leon Hor

Bike: Yamaha FZR400

Bodywork: Yamaha TZ250 H/J/K

Comment: This is my personal racer: FZR400 - TZ250 GP conversion. Russ Bigley and I build this 3 years ago, it's finally completed- track ready tested. Vintage 6LW WERA spec

Leon Hor
Team Manager
Brontos Vintage Group

Owner: Brendan Egan

1993 Honda RS125

Bodywork: Honda RS125

Comment: Here's some pics of my 1993 Honda RS125. We used the upper, lower, fender, and fresh air system from Airtech. We decided to go with a different tail piece instead. With the exception of two little flag stickers on the front number plate everything is painted on. I have to thank Jim Perry at Beyond the Paint and Wendell Clark at The Motorcycle Plastic Surgeon for their help with paint and polishing. We are all pleased with the result. Looking forward to doing business with you'all again.


Brendan Egan
Georgia-Carolina Vintage Cycle

Owner: Suicide King #3

Kawasaki ZX9R

Bodywork: Kawasaki ZX9R

Comment: F**k H*tb*d*s!!!!!

Owner: Nancy & Jon Wennerberg
Marquette, Michigan (that's way up north)

Kawasaki EX250 Turbo

Bodywork: Aprilia RS250, Suzuki GSXR tail

Comment: This is the world's only Ninja 250 Turbo, it set four records at Bonneville in the summer of '06 and two more at Maxton in October. The bike's top speed (so far) has been 120.6 mph, and is built by Mike Rich Motorsports in Newfoundland, PA.

Jon Wennerberg
Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing


Owner: Elliott
Tampa, FL

Honda CBR 600 F2

Crea body kit



Owner: Eric Swift
Fort Worth, TX

Kawasaki Ninja EX250

Kawasaki Ninja EX250

Just in case you want to put up a pic of a 2000 Ninja 250 with your body work on it. Currently racing in CMRA Clubman and the Ninja series. Love the body work!
Eric Swift
#339 CMRA

Owner: Mike Bachman
Golden, CO

2003 Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1

Well, you've got my replacement order in. Here's what she looked like before the crash. Sweet. The first thought that crossed my mind when I smacked the asphalt wasn't about me. I thought, "Oh shit. What have I just done to this beautiful machine." The Airtech bodywork is still servicable (with a bit of duct tape), but I want you to help me return this bike to her previous head-turning good looks!

Owner: Speedfeenz Cycles
Salem, NC

2002 Honda CBR F4i

Honda CBR600 F4i

We use Airtech body kits on all our restorations and custom sport bikes. Awesome designs, perfect fit and excellent quality. Whether it's race winning or trophy winning you guys are awesome!

Owner: Bret Fels
San Antonio, Texas

1992 FZR600

FZR600-R1 Conversion kit

I've installed an R1 L.E.D. taillight with integrated blinkers (instead of the ugly stock light). I've had it on the dyno, it pulled about 80rwhp, not bad for a stock bike with a D&D pipe as the only upgrade. Thanks for the parts Airtech, I've now got a pretty good looking bike for a minimal investment. Can't wait to get the CBR finished!
Thanks again, Bret Fels

Owner: Joe Sprader
Detroit, MI


Bodywork: Airtech landspeed 'Aero' front fender

My bike has a T25R Garrett Turbo, it makes 190 RWHP. This bike draws so much attention it's unreal. People just love the front fender and cafe seat. Hope you enjoy the pics. Thanks Airtech for everything - Joe

Restorer: Dave Clark, UK

Robin Appleyard's Grand Prix Honda RS125

Bodywork: 1993 Honda RS125

Hi, I have just received my order from Airtech, thanks. The body work is just like the original kit that is on the bike, but brand new and as good if not better than the original for strenth and quality . It's so much better when restoring a bike because most of the other parts are also new or reconditioned to just as high standard as the next part. Thanks again and I will try and send a photo of the bike and rider, Robin Appleyard GP 1987-1993.

Owner: Robert Tolley

Suzuki GSXR

Bodywork: Ducati 916 tail section

Comment: This is a fabulous bike, a Suzuki 7/11 that I built about seven years ago. The tail section is an Airtech 916 unit, slightly modified and fitted to an aluminum subframe I welded up in my humble shop. The bike always draws attention because most people don't know what it is. More pics later. Oh, and I've always been very satisfied with all of your stuff.
Thanks, Robert Tolley

Owner: Mike Polkabla

Honda CB160

Bodywork: Airtech Dustbin fairing and Harley XR750 'Big Butt' seat

Comment: We wanted to thank Airtech for providing us with great fairing products and outstanding rider support for our Vintage Honda CB160 and CB175 salt racers and roadrace projects. In fact, our bike #167 now holds the fastest Honda CB160 title gained this past week at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Another of our bikes (#850) with your products on board also gained the fastest Honda CB175 title. I have attached a couple of our digital pictures for your enjoyment.

After Bonneville, we travelled to the new Miller Motorsports Park for the AHRMA national vintage roadracing event and finished solidly in the top five every race out of a field of over 28+ roadracers in the GP200 and GP250 classes. There was even an exhibition race each day using a LeMans style start for Formula 160 bikes... What a time!!!

Thanks again for all of your support and great products!


Michael A. Polkabla AHRMA # 167
Wallace Riddle AHRMA #850

Owner: Eddie Johnson
Las vegas, NV

'94 Yamaha FZR 600

FZR600-R1 Conversion kit

Comment: I completed the project with paint in two (2) days. Nice.

Owner: Jason Cooke

Yamaha FZR 600

FZR600-R1 Conversion kit

Comment: This is my FZR600 with the R1 rebody kit I got from you guys, painted to match my Mustang. It looks awsome, thanks!

Owner: Travis

Honda CBR 600 F3

Crea kit with custom headlight install

Owner: Mike McSween
Ft. Pierce, FL
'72 Kawasaki H2

Kawasaki H2R1

This is my bike when I just completed the restoration. I bought the bike in Japan coming back from Vietnam in 1972. I brought it back on the USS Constellation. It is now a 130hp full road race monster. It was built by Jimmy Purnell of Half Fast Racing in Fort Pierce, FL.

Mike McSween

PS this bike is brand new, numbers matching

Owner: Chris Page
Portland, OR
Honda CB160


Bultaco TSS race fairing


Here's a couple photos of me on my Honda CB160 racebike, trying to make good use of your Bultaco TSS fairing.

The photo with 2 bikes includes myself and Jon Munns, also using the TSS fairing.

Thanks for the help and the quality products.

Chris Page

Owner: Carlos Schmidt
San Clemente, CA
Triumph Bonneville 800


Manx conversion kit Carbon Fiber (top)

Triton conversion kit (bottom)

Owner: Robert E Dyles
Fort Worth, TX
Suzuki SV 650


ATX kit

Owner: Mike Thompson
Murietta, CA
GSXR 750


Hornet kit

Owner: Benjamin Clinton
Jacksonville, FL
Bike: 1994 CBR 900RR

Erion FX replica kit

Comment :
It's a 1994 CBR 900 RR with 48,000 miles... or was... Until I got bored!



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