AirTech Motorcycle Fairings, Fenders, and Bodywork

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Owner: Brad Smith - Englewood, FL


Honda VF 500 interceptor
'94 Kawasaki EX250
'99 Suzuki Bandit 1200

VF500: 1985 Honda RS250
EX250: Yamaha TZ250 H
Bandit: Suzuki F1 and Moriwaki tail

Comment: This is my VF500 Interceptor Freddie Spencer tribute. I used your 1985 Honda RS250 fairings. The lower fairing had to be very minimally modified to fit and the tail only need some light trimming.

The 1994 EX250 is fitted with TZ250 fairings and a trimmed Suzuki Hammer tail.

The 1999 Bandit has your Moriwaki tail and Suzuki F1 fairings on it.

Thanks for the great product!

Owner: 'Racin' Ray Smith

1984 Yamaha RZ350

Bodywork: YZR500 GP replica for RZ 350

Comment: Airtech bodywork is the best bodywork I've ever used. Painted easily, mounted easily and fit perfectly. Just drill a few holes and mount it up. Even during the crash, your bodywork protected many vital and "no longer available" engine, radiator and instrument panel parts. I know that is not the main function, but it's nice to know it is durable. Anyway, sign me up for another set, as I am a customer for life!
Sorry, no cute chicks available in the photo. But I met this great nurse!...

Owner: Dom Herrera - Miami Beach, FL

Bike: Kawasaki EX250R

Bodywork: Kawasaki EX250R

Comment: I recently began racing in CCS Florida Region. I came across your product a while back while researching ideas for a vintage cafe bike.

I was very impressed by your range and scope of products, so when it
was time to start prepping my race bike... the only choice was
Made in America and superior quality made me a customer, your
successful effort to get me a belly pan in a week.... made me a life
long client.

Here are some pics of my 250 sporting your nose cone, tail section and
belly pan. Sorry for the ghetto numbers the track vendor was all out
and I had to use elec. tape, lol.

Owner: Moto Motivo - Raleigh, NC

Bike: Ducati F1 Endurance Tribute

Bodywork: Ducati F1

Comment: Bike of the month!

Owner: Dean Beatson - Auckland, New Zealand

Bike: Honda CB350

Bodywork: Drixton tank / seat for CB350

Comment: Finally got the Drixton Honda running. Picture for your file cabinet, looks great if I say so myself.

Thanks for your help with this project. Will send some better photos when I get it on the track!

Owner: Ed Knight - Palm Beach, FL

Bike: Kawasaki H1

Bodywork: Kawasaki H1

Comment: Here is a picture of the current progress. I kind of mixed the 1970 H1R tank paint scheme with the 73 H2R seat & fender. I'll post a Youtube video when I've got it running right!

Owner: Damien Covington - Pensacola, FL

Bike: 1994 Yamaha FZR600

Bodywork: FZRR1 Conversion kit

Comment: Hey guys, here is my FZR 600 with the R1 conversion kit. I just wish you had a version with 2 headlights...


Owner: Brazeau Racing

Bike: 2001 Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: Ducati 900SS Competition upper

Comment: Hello!
Here's a photo of my recent xenon projector headlight conversion on my 2001 Ducati 900SSie using your race upper fairing.

Here is a link to the headlight conversion write-up on my website...

Thanks for a great product!

Owner: Mike Oakes - UK

Bike: HD Sportster

Bodywork: HD XR750 fairing

Comment: Here is my XRTT replica. It is built on a 2001 Harley Sportster. By the time I was done, all I used was the motor, frame and forks. The oil tank is in the fuel tank because I wanted a lean stripped out look to the bike.
The Airtech XR750TT fairing was not easy to fit as there are vast differences between the XR and XL chassis. All that aside, I’m very pleased with the bike and it’s great fun to ride!
Thanks to Airtech for shipping the fairing and screen out to the UK. That replica fairing made all the difference.

Owner: Juiced Drag Racing

Bike: Honda 1979 CB750F Super Sport converted to electric power.

Bodywork: Honda CR750

Comment: Finally it is done!
Original weight: 527 lbs Weight now: 312 Lbs
Motor: 50Hp+ Motenergy Brushed DC ME1003
Power: 112 - 3.2 volt LiFePo4 Lithium batteries - 90 volt - 40AH - 800 amp max capacity
Alltrax 450 amp controller
Top speed: 100 Mph+ , 40 MPC
Dual Disc brakes.
Loads of fun!

Thanks to all for the help, support, constructive criticism.

Juiced Drag Racing

Owner: Greg Holtkamp - Woodridge, IL

Bike: 1975 BMW

Bodywork: Ducati 900SS half fairing and BMW Rennsport seat

Comment: This is a '75 frame (nickel plated) with an '85 1000cc motor. It uses your Ducati SS fairing with Hella spotlights, seat pan (with stingray seat) and rear fender. The front drum is from a Norton Commando. This bike was judged the Best Custom at the Larz Anderson Museum's European Bike Show in Boston September 2010.

Owner: Rick Kohler - New Boston Town, NH

Bike: HD Sportster XL883R

Bodywork: XLCR race fairing and customer modified Triumph 955 belly pan

Comment: USCRA #64 American Twins Class

Owner: Tim Rowe- Vancouver, WA

Bike: Triumph Sprint

Bodywork: Triumph Sprint - full kit


Owner: Steff - QLD Australia

Bike: 94 Suzuki RF900

Bodywork: RF900 race tail (modified by customer)

Comment: The tail section I got from you last year and shipped to Australia has been a massive success! All that have seen it love it and the fitment was pretty much spot on from the go so no complaints there!

1994 RF900 limited edition #10 of 80 made
Custom color by myself
Staintune pipe
35mm tail raiser
Airtech tail - modified

Owner: Scot Wilson, Tuscon AZ

Bike: Ducati 750 Spaggiari racer

Bodywork: Spaggiari tail section, Imola tank and modified Buell 1125R race belly pan.

Comment: Check out Scot's handiwork at

Owner: Tombo Racing

Bike: Outlaw dragbike

Bodywork: GSXR smalltire body

Comment: Thought you might enjoy this picture of our Tombo Racing outlaw bike taken at the drag strip. Of course all work done by Tommy Bolton at using an Airtech body.

Owner: Corey Clough - San Francisco, CA

Bike: 1985 Kawasaki GPz550 (ZX550)

Bodywork: Vintage race belly pan


AFM #944 Super Dinosaur
615 Wiseco Kit Cometic Gaskets
Mild Hand Ported/Polished Head
Stock Valves w/ R/D Springs
APE Reed Caps and Manual Cam Chain Adjuster
Megacycle Cams
1990 Kawasaki ZR550 CV30 Carbs
Modified Stage 3 Dynojet Kit
Moriwaki Race Exhaust
Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Assembly, and Levers
Tarozzi Universal Rearsets
Fox Twin Clicker Rear Shock / Progressive Fork Springs
Modified Airtech belly pan

Owner: Shuji Akiyama - Japan

Bike: Rickman CR900

Bodywork: Rickman CR tail section


Owner: Eoin Honan - Dublin, Ireland

Bike: '94 Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: Supertwin conversion

Ducatisti UK forum build thread

Owner: Gary Ellem - Townsville, Australia

Bike: Honda SL350

Bodywork: Drixton tank and seat


Period 4 Race Bike
Extra removeable bracing from forward of shocks to back engine mount.
35mm Suzuki GT750, Race tech equipped forks.
3 fin AP racing caliper.
New Ikon gas shocks, 364mm centres.
New SM Pro Ali wheels.
Avon AM 21 & 22
Todd Hennings 32mm Mikunis.
TT style megacycle cam running in needle roller conversion.
Boretech Cam chain slipper tensioner conversion
Boretech Hi-comp forged racing pistons
Ti valves, Kibblewhite guides & spring kit, lightened polished rocker gear.
Assembled, Ported & polished by Neil Semple.
Barrnet Clutch plates and springs polished hub.
Todd Hennings 5th gear conversion.
Programmable Boretech electronic ignition.
Jemco megaphones.

Owner: Mike D - SIC Riders

Bike: ZX6R 636

Bodywork: '03-'04 ZX6R 636


Owner: Rich Grantham (UK)

Bike: 1992 NSR250 Luca Caladora replica

Bodywork: NSR250

Comment: The bike was built upwards from the bare frame and crankcases, using many HRC 'customer' RS250 parts. A big thanks to Airtech, this project would not have been possible without your bodywork products.


Owner: Alex "Hunter" Ljungberg - Denmark

Bike: Norton Featherbed

Bodywork: John Player Special seat

Comment: This is a picture of my Norton with the JPS seat mounted. There have been no problems with it. The bike and I have been in London, Copenhagen and Stockholm when Ton Up Denmark were visiting our Ton Up friends.

Norton engine (850 ccm).
Norton Featherbed frame.
Akron Alu rims.
Avon tires
Tarozi footpegs.
Dunstall fairing.
John Player seat.
5 gallon alu Manx tank.
Acewell instrument
Clip ons
Roadholder forks
Belt drive

Speed: 205 kmh and aprox 68 hp with 22 gear sprocket, racecams and balanced crank.
Everything on this bike is pretty simple and it runs great!

Owner: Commonwealth Motorcycles - Louisville, KY

Bike: CB750

Bodywork: CR750 replica

Comment: Thanks for supplying such great products to work with... and looking foward to these next projects ...

Steve Miles
Commonwealth Motorcycles and MPR Projects

Owner: Chris Jordan - Hilliard, FL

Bike: 1996 GSXR750

Bodywork: Hornet kit

Comment: I built this bike from the ground up starting with only a frame. It has an '04 1000 motor, '05 750 front end, 310 tire with recluse rims, molded upper panel, and a ton of other things. No one knows what it is comming down the road, and I love it like that!!


Owner: Brian Robinson - Bolton, ON

Bike: Honda CB550

Bodywork: Triumph Thruxton flyscreen, CB750 seat

Comment: Just finished the build of my cafe using your CB750 cafe seat, and Thruxton fairing.

Youtube video

Owner: Doherty Machine - Prescott Valley, AZ

Bike: Fastest V-Rod in the world!

Bodywork: Charlie Toy Landspeed fairing & Electric bike seat

Comment: Doherty Machine's heavily worked V-Rod went through the traps at Bonneville @ 207.88 miles an hour this past summer, making it the fastest V-rod in the world. Not content, Tim, Josh and their team have vowed to be back next year to set an official world record... More to come!


Owner: Camron Bussard

Bike: Honda CB350

Bodywork: Drixton style tank/seat


Owner: Sam Combs - Anchorage, AK

Bike: '95 Ducati 900SS CR

Bodywork: Supertwin conversion kit


Owner: Stephen Finn - Australia

Bike: Suzuki GT750

Bodywork: Charlie Toy

Team Waterbottle - Bill Hewton, Andrew (Wimpy) Wade, Bill Bradley & Andrew Finn.

Comment: Well the 2010 land speed record attempt didn't go to plan. Slipping clutch !! We got 156.8 MPH peak speed before the clutch started to slip & feathering the throttle we ended with 146.8MPH over the timed 1-mile, with the record at 149.3MPH.

As you will know to well...that's racing.

We have another go next year. And then we'll see if we go to Bonneville in 2012. See you there???


Owner: Tetsuyuki Toyoda - Tokyo,Japan

Bike: '96 Honda CBR900 RR

Bodywork: Erion FX replica

Comment: Here is my moto, wearing Erion FX fairings.

Owner: Scott Beairsto - Innisfail, Canada

Bike: Yamaha R1 and twin-GSXR-engined landspeed bike

Bodywork: Charlie Toy and Suzuki LSR fender

Comment: Here's a photo of my twin engine GSXR land speed bike that Larry Forstall built in the early 90's. We upgraded it with a competition fairing and LSR front fender from Air Tech. We had some problems with the engine coupler at Speed Week are now sorting it out. It ran 203mph @7000rpm (2009), lots of potential left in this old bike.

Thanks for a great product!

Owner: Bas Corstjens - Netherlands

Bike: GSXR1100 fighter

Bodywork: 1993-98 GSXR1100 '01 style tail


Owner: Rolv Blakseth - Norway

Bike: 1985 GSXR750

Bodywork: 1985-87 GSXR750 (Canadian/Euro) our front fairing, stock tail section.


Owner: Brad Monk - Toronto, Canada

Bike: 1988 GSXR750

Bodywork: 1988 GSXR750

Comment: Looks good, thanks for the help!



Owner: Steve Clarke - Orinda, CA

Bike: 1999 Yamaha R1

Bodywork: M1 Conversion kit

Comment: I have just completed the installation of the body kit you sent me (along with a ton of other updates and mods). The result is a streetable
track bike which is exactly what I wanted. I have a ton of high res pictures and I'll have some track pictures in a month or so!

Thanks for great product,
Steve Clarke




Owner: Jim Mosher

Bike: 1951 Vincent Rapide

Bodywork: BATES2 vintage seat

Comment: Hi, Jim Mosher here. I built a 1951 Vincent Rapide with a "Big Bore" 1,164cc motor to Black Lightning specs, and I needed an appropriate seat that complimented the bikes "manor". I chose your "Bates2" seat. I made a simple thin wall box tube mount that picked up the original mount points, and I did a black, and gold paint job to match the Vincent tank. It now has a much more aggressive riding position, and I get alot of compliments on it!




Owner: Markku Poikajärvi - Finland

Bike: Funnybike

Bodywork: Kawasaki Schnitz Funnybike body and 05-06 ZX6R fairing


Chassis: Dave Branch Engineering
Engine: Gatormade HD Cases
Cylinderblock and pistons: MTC
Head: Ward Perfomance Vortex 2
Turbo: Comp Turbo ceramic ball bearing
EFI , Ignition and Datalog: Haltech Platinium 2000 Sport
Dry Nos kit
Snow Performance Boost Cooler
Weismann 3 Speed auto

Modifications to body and sidepanels by Kele-Design, Finland.



Owner: Mark Ritter - Marietta, GA

Bike: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Bodywork: RZ350 seat cowl and Pacifico half fairing

Comment: Here is my 84 RZ350 with RGV 250 suspension and one of your vintage fairings and solo tailpiece. I call it a Yamazuki. Very comfortable riding position, lightweight and lots of fun. Thanks for all the help with the bodywork selection. The ergonomics worked out great!
Talk to you again when I start the next project. Cafe'd airhead maybe?

Owner: Joe's V Cycle

Bike: 1964 Ducati 250 single

Bodywork: Ducati Single SS conversion

Comment: I finished bike up this spring. It is actually a '64 narrow case Ducati 250 Monza that I built using the kit but decided to leave the fairing off. Complete custom all parts made in house...

Thanks, joe@vcycle

Owner: Miguel Capilla -Spain

Bike: Triumph Thruxton

Bodywork: Dunstall 1/4 fairing


Owner: Matti Lantto - Finland

Bike: GSXR1100 1993

Bodywork: '01 style tail section for earlier GSXR



Owner: Mike Polkabla - Pinole, CA

Bike: Honda CL175

Bodywork: Magni half fairing

Here is a pic of my race bike with your Magni fairing installed. Second place both days at Daytona and First Place at Roebling, GA... Not too bad huh? I had the aerodynamics covered (with your help) but will need a bit more horse power I'm afraid for the Big Daytona Banking!

Thanks a ton for all your support and help with the body work.


Michael A. Polkabla
AHRMA # 167


Owner: "Fireman" Bill Ross - CA

Bike: Moto Guzzi LeMans Mk3

Bodywork: Moto Guzzi LeMans Mk3

Comment: Here`s a few shots of my just finished Mark III with the Airtech front fairing. Whats neat about your fairing is that it eliminates the stock turn signal mounts for a very clean look. I really like it !

Thanks for your help as always, Fireman Bill


Owner: Mark Culver - Wimbledon, UK

Bike: 2003 Triumph Speed Triple trackbike

Bodywork: Triumph T955i supersport seat

Comment: Clip-ons, some minor mods, & a lot of white paint. No
fairing, no problem!


Owner: Hershal Johnson - CO

Bike: Yamaha 1990 FZR600

Bodywork: FZR R1 conversion kit



Owner: Tim McKittrick

Bike: 2004 KTM 950 Adventure

Bodywork: KTM 950 Adventure

Airtech carbon fiber bodywork- front fender, upper fairings, tank protectors, and sidepanels.

Owner: Craig Glaser - Clermont, FL

Bike: '92 GSXR1100 and '92 FZR1000

Bodywork: GSXR750 and YZF750 fairings

Comment: Here are two of my bikes which I used Airtech bodywork on:

Top one is my '92 GSXR1100 with a Mr Turbo kit putting out 300+ rwhp!!!! The SRAD tail mounted up great even though its for '93-'95. It really updates the look!

Bottom is my '92 FZR1000 with your solotail and YZF750 fairings. I got a lot of compliments on this, and it made it look much smaller.


Owner: Greg Craft - Waxhaw, NC

Bike: Harley Davidson Sportster

Bodywork: Harley Davidson XR750 seat and fairing
Read Titan RTT1 fuel tank



Owner: Brian Richardson

Bike: Custom build

Bodywork: MV Augusta dustbin fairing and HD XR750 "big butt" tail section

I thought you would like to see how the dustbin worked out on my 2009 rendition of a "Norton Electra" (all electric motorcycle). We hope that she will do over 125 mph with your bodywork. Thank you for all your help.

Brian Richardson

1966 Norton narrowline Featherbed frame/1950's /1970's Harley big-but tail section/lithium ion batteries/
2006 Kawasaki Ninja wheels, tires, forks, & brakes/Thunderstruck brushless AC motor & controller with regenerative braking


Owner: Jose Luis Adiego - Cuarte de Huerva, Spain

Bike: 05 Triumph Thruxton

Bodywork: Dunstall cafe fairing kit

Hola, soy Jose Luis Adiego el propietario de esta Thruxton del 2005 con uno de vuestros carenados que ha quedado genial de paso daros las gracias por vuestra profesionalidad y amabilidad que tuvisteis conmigo. Gracias


Owner: Team Draggin'

Bike: 90 Yamaha FZR1000

Bodywork: Yamaha YZF750 WSB

1990 FZR1000 with 1994 race only YZF750 bodywork by Airtech, team name : Draggin Racing , race number #354


Owner: Frank Garneau - Quebec, Canada

Bike: 98 Honda CBR 600 F3

Bodywork: CBR600 supersport tail

This is my 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3 with some mods including a beautiful Airtech tail... Hope you like it!
Best regards,

Owner: Speedfeenz Cycle - Winston-Salem, NC

Bike: 95 CBR900RR

Bodywork: CBR900 NSR conversion

This 1995 Honda CBR900RR went from being great to being legendary with the addition of the Airtech NSR Replica tail section. This CBR looks like it could have shared the podium with the dominant NSR 500 of the 1990’s. Thanks Airtech!

Owner: Jeff Bailey

Bike: '99 Buell X1

Bodywork: LSR1S

Here is my '99 Buell X1 with an Airtech S&S landspeed racing tail section. This bike set a record at Bonneville in 2007 of 172.5 mph is the APS-PG 1650 class. Thanks for the help!

S&S Cycle, Inc.

Owner: Gary Patton - Riverside, CA

Bike: 1986 Ducati 750 F1

Bodywork: Ducati F1

You guys make the best stuff. This is my 1986 750 F1 that won the Fabio Taglioni Award at the Laguna Seca round of the Ducati Concorso 2008.

Owner: Todd Rau - Chicago, IL

Bike: Benelli 50 racer

Bodywork: Bates1 seat

Thanks for the seat, it was hard to find one that would fit this size bike, until I stumbled upon your website.
All the Best!

Owner: Leo Burton - London, UK

Bike: SV650

Bodywork: SV650 solo seat cowl

Thanks for the seat cowl. It looks great on the SV650. Finally finished! Hope you like it!

Thanks again,
L. Burton

Owner: Raphaël Gallardo - Ize, France

Bike: RD350

Bodywork: Cool1 fairing, RD234 tank and more

Owner: Jürgen Schnaller Motorräder - Kolsass, Austria

Bike: Triumph Thruxton

Bodywork: Triton conversion

Owner: Anonymous - Canada

Bike: 1985 Honda RS250

Bodywork: RS250


Owner: David Robertson - South Carolina

Bike: 1985 RZ350N trackbike

Bodywork: YZR350 conversion kit for RZ350

I was very impressed with the quality of the glass work on this kit, and
it was easy to fit with the brackets provided in the kit. It survived
it's first 80 mph crash with only surface abrasion, the brackets held
and kept other damage to a minimum.
The bike is being raced in Wera Southeast Vintage. Fairing and windscreen are very stable at speed!

Owner: Gary Lewis - Goldsboro, NC

Bike: 2008 Hayabusa

Bodywork: Hayabusa +6 tail

Here are some pics of my '08 busa tail . Thanks.

Owner: Speedfeenz Cycles - Winston-Salem, NC

Bike: 2000 Kawasaki ZX-12R

Bodywork: ZX12R lowers

At Speedfeenz Cycles we specialize in giving aging champions another shot at greatness. Take this 2000 ZX-12R for example, once the most desirable sport bike on the planet. It took a few bumps and bruises but a set of Airtech lower fairings and a fresh paint job has it poised for another run at the title. Thanks

Owner: Lachlan McTavish - Cambria, CA

Bike: Triumph Bonneville

Bodywork: BMW R90S7 fairing

My Bonneville with your fairing mounted......all the best....Lach MacTavish

Owner: Interstate Motorcycles - Rolla, MO

Bike: Hyosung GT650S

Bodywork: Hyosung GT Supersport seat

Thanks again for the quick - high quality service. The part looks excellent!

Bill 'Slam' Dunkus
Interstate Motorcycles

Owner: Henri Peter - Lima, Peru

Bike: 2005 Triumph Bonneville

Bodywork: Triumph Thruxton cafe seat

These are photos of my 2005 Triumph Bonneville T100 with an Airtech Thruxton cafe racer seat.

Many thanks,

Henri Peter

Owner: Link Smith - Lewisville, TX

Bike: '92 Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: Ducati Supertwin

Thanks for the great kit. I turned my ’92 900 SS CR from ordinary to extraordinary with the help of your Supertwin body kit. Seat is from Corbin made for the Superlight. The fit and finish are great. Painted by myself and was basically sand and prime with not a lot of prep work to be paint ready. Thanks again for a great product!

Owner: Stephan Caine

Bike: 1997 Kawasaki EX500 Ninja

Bodywork: Kawasaki EX500

I am so pleased with the fit and finish of my solo seat! People often mistake my bike for having a larger engine that it actually does now! Keep up the good work!

Owner: Jerod Osterberg - Fairborn, OH

Bike: Honda CBR600 F3

Bodywork: Crea kit


Owner: Charlie Tackett - Kalamazoo, MI

Bike: 1964 Honda RC172 replica

Bodywork: Honda CR750 tank

Seems like these days any after market, “custom” parts still need a noticeable amount of final fabricating and finishing work to fit properly and look good. Needless to say I was very pleased when your tank just slid right on, only needed a rub down with 400grit before paint and it was ready to bolt on. Too bad more folks don’t follow your example of producing a quality product!

Owner: Philippe Bousset - Martigues, France

Bike: 2004 Triumph Thunderbird

Bodywork: BMW R90S7

Here is my motorbike, equipped with R90S7 BMW cafe quarter fairing; good result, no?????
Thank you


Owner: Quality Collision

Bike: Yamaha 1993 FZR600R

Bodywork: FZR-R1 Conversion

Here are the images of my with your FZR-R1 conversion on it. Looks great I am very pleased with the results. Thanks Airtech.

Owner: Brandon Christenson - San Diego, CA

Bike: Honda CBR600 F3

Bodywork: Crea kit

Here is my CREA kit wraped around a 1997 CBR600 F3. The paint is custom airbrushed by Scott Holland from Suicide Kings Kustoms. It's still a work in progress but the body is great. Thanks Airtech!

Owner: Eric Young - Indianapolis, IN

Bike: GSXR 750

Bodywork: GSXR 750 Hornet

Just wanted to share with you what I have done with one of your body kits. Itis a real head turner!


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