Tatro's Land Speed Racer

When Keenan Tatro came to us for help in 1995 he had a 50/50 bike, 50% ugly and 50% cool. You see 50% of it was really ugly bodywork and the other 50% was a really cool motor. You see Keenan runs half of a Iron Sportser motor, the rear half. You see he can run in the vintage push rod 500cc class and he just tears up records with that. With our modified roadrace seat and front fender he won the 1995 SCTA Championship! In early 1996 we started developing an aerodynamic package for him. The project hasn't reached its full potential yet "Cause Keenan's motor program has gone to shit!" He keeps chasing blown motor parts every race and it is close to getting a great combo together. With a good motor and a new body we are looking forward to some of his old records falling.