91-97 Ducati Supertwin 900/750SS

Amazing- you can make your 900/750SS look like a supermono in just an afternoon. We don't know about you but Air-Tech's chief designer Kent Riches thought Ducati went just a little to far with the 99" 900SS. Who doesn't love the Supermon's looks? Slender, fast and sexy, the supermono is just plain cool! And now you can make your bike look like one.
Just look at the gorgous 3 piece fairing! The sloped nose with a NACA styled intake duct in the center, and check it out dual headlights! Long, sculpted two piece lowers have distinctive SM vents and clear a low mounted oil cooler. The whole fairing assebly uses the stock mounting brackets and has oil sight window and side stand clearance. And what about that cool seat? It mounts to the stock seat mounting tabs comes with its own support so it won't crack like the factory superlight seats do and uses the stock superlight upholstery. Check out the supermono wing in the back and DOT taillight, another cool thing is the lower anti-draft shield not only does it close off and clean up the underneath of the seat bottom, it also has a license plate mount on it. The whole Supertwin kit comes with the upper, right and left fairings, smoke windscreen, front fender, rear seat, seat bracket, anti draft sheild, seat wing, taillight and bracket. For only $795.00. Also shown in these photos are optional red gelcaot, white front number plate, carbon rear number plates. 3" bullet mirrors, cool rear LED turn signals and Superlight seat pad. Be the first guy in your riding group to have this! Call us today!