94-95 Yoshimura
Suzuki GSXR750 Superbike

If trick is a word that piques your interest and you own a 94 GSXR 750, this little story should get your attention.

Back in 1994 Yoshimura was getting help from the Suzuki factory. In fact, one of the things they got was a new factory kit fairing assembly. These extremely hot items were very slick indeed. Guess who makes them now? Yup, we do!

These assemblies split the upper and lower fairing at the base gasket of the cylinders instead of near the steering head like the stock fairings. It has air ducts molded to the inside of the fairing in the number plate area, which bring in yummy air for the motor to eat.

The radiator shrouding has been modified to extend all the way to the radiator itself to combat high pressure bleed off. A one piece belly pan is simple to remove and install. The seat assembly is a Yosh F1 unit modified in the gas tank area to fit on the chassis just right. The front fender is designed to fit onto a KYB fork. A rear fender is also available, (even though Yosh changed the swing arm design six times that year.) A sprint fuel tank and the pressurized air box is also offered. The air box and fairing assembly intakes are the familiar square duct version. If you are planning to restore a 1994 Yosh superbike, or just want to build a plain old badass machine, Airtech will be more than happy to start you off right.


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