If you know any of these people, tell 'em you saw their bounced check on the Airtech web page.

This is a list of our deadbeat customers. We have made many attempts to collect on these bad checks. Now Kent is a nice and easy guy and will give you every chance to pay on your bouncer, but if you lie and piss him off, he will let everyone know about it.

This isn't the first time this mother bounced one on us but it is definitely his last!!! He still hasn't paid for this one. He has lied to Kent 17 times by promising to send payment but never has. I would think twice about leaving your bike at his shop or giving him a deposit. We've heard stories about this guy...He's bad news!!! Pay Up!!!

This mother fuckin' thief races a Busa in the southeast. If ya' see his thievin' ass tell him ya' saw his bounced check on the airtech website.

We've got a real scam artist going on down in dalevill AL. They bounced 1 on us and before we could react they bounced 3 more!!! Thia Pam Melendez even forged her soon-to-be-ex husbands on two of the checks. Then they both dissapeared. Because of them we donot take any checks from anyone or any shops in Alabama!!! If you know where they are let us know. We've got some detectives who would like to talk to them.

This lying mother hasn't answered his phone since Jan '05. We even had the Westland MI police go out to find him. Definitely think twice about taking your bike to him or giving him money.



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